As you all know I am a kindergarten teacher in addition to running this little business of mine! This blog post goes out to all those teachers out their getting ready for back to school! I wanted to share a process I have been using to make recordings of books in my classroom library! 

This process easily enables my students to be self sufficient while utilizing technology to advance their fluency levels!!! I'm sure I'm late to the QR party but I am having a party!!!!!!! :)))) I might have been up until midnight making recordings of my library books!!! 

Here is a video model for all my visual learners out there, like I said, probably not perfect, and there is probably an easier way, but this is what is working for me! :) 

I can see SOOOOO MANNNNYYYY OPPORTUNITIES to use QR codes! I'm playing with the idea of having a few parents record themselves reading books so their kids can hear them during listening to reading!!! How COOL is that??? Anyway. Enjoy, I'm sure I'll be up until midnight again making recordings!!!! HAHA. 

<3 LVK 

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